Lani` Beach Tanning Salon
770.321.U-TAN (8826)
2550 Sandy Plains Rd. #310
Marietta, GA 30066
Welcome to Lani` Beach!
We are Cobb County's Premier Tanning Salon.
Located at 2550 Sandy Plains Rd. #310, Marietta GA 30066. In the LA Fitness Shopping Center across the street from Sprayberry High School.

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The Tanning Process
The sun emits 3 types of rays.

UVA- oxidating rays (longest wave length) Oxidize melanin when it exist in skin.

UVB- melanin-stimulating rays (shorter wave length) causes the release of new melanin in the skin.

UVC- very harmful rays that don't even penetrate the ozone layer (microwave)
We never use UVC rays.

UVA & UVB rays are both absorbed through the skin.

UVB rays excites the melanocyte cell to release melanosomes deep in the skin. This causes melanin (pink granules) to be released. The melanin migrates to the uppermost layers of the skin where it is oxidized by UVA rays. The melanin then turns brown which results in a tan.

Some areas of the body have more layers of cells than other and can retain more melanin. Example: the skin on the legs is considerably thicker than the skin of the nose or ears. Therefore, tanned legs may appear darker and they will retain their color longer.

Normal body functioning causes the skin to shed the upper layers. With the shedding goes the accumulated melanin, and the tan will gradually disappear.