Lani` Beach Tanning Salon
770.321.U-TAN (8826)
2550 Sandy Plains Rd. #310
Marietta, GA 30066
Welcome to Lani` Beach!
We are Cobb County's Premier Tanning Salon.
Located at 2550 Sandy Plains Rd. #310, Marietta GA 30066. In the LA Fitness Shopping Center across the street from Sprayberry High School.

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Why Tan?
Many people prefer the method of indoor tanning to acquire a tan. It is easy, convenient and private. It is administered in a controlled environment with measured dosages and eliminates much of the "guesswork" of tanning outdoors. Ideally, indoor tanning is also supervised by a trained professional whose primary goal is to help you achieve the desired color you want and help you avoid over-exposure. Lani’ Beach conducts an evaluation of your skin type to determine your recommended personal UV exposure time. We will remind you to wear protective goggles, encourage the use of a lotion (before and after tanning), and recommend the appropriate lotions to use.